John has had previous careers as a Botanist, Science teacher and a carpenter. In 1995, John built his own shop with the intention of becoming a cabinet maker. He attended a wood turning symposium and quickly became enamored. The idea of turning green- fresh- cut- wood and the variety of wood species available ignited the unending passion. 

“With woodturning, I am able to combine my botanical interests with the desire to create lasting, functional works of art. I aspire to reveal the inner beauty of trees.”      -John Beehler



John annually exhibits at many of the best art fairs in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest regions. He has many loyal returning customers, collectors and has had numerous gallery exhibits. He enjoys the art fair atmosphere and personally engaging with buyers of his work. He produces fine quality pieces and sells them at realistic price points.


Sourcing wood is a veritable treasure hunt that entails finding select logs with figure or color, or hopefully both. His sources for wood are varied; most of it comes from reclaimed trees that are often destined for the landfill. 

Since he is working green wood, the pieces are initially roughed-out, then waxed and allowed to dry for at least several months and sometimes more than a year. The dry pieces are then remounted to the lathe, cut to final shape and sanded. A pleasing shape and a fine satin finish are complements to interesting wood. Each piece is finished with food-safe oils (hollow vessels may be additionally lacquered for the ease of care) and a finish coat of lemon oil and beeswax to retard moisture. John unconditionally guarantees all his work.


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